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Native Made Masks

See a size comparison of a Guardian mask with a soda can

Left to Right: Corn Husk masks, False Face masks, and False Face Guardian masks

The traditional Corn Husk Masks are becoming more difficult to obtain with each passing year.  Occasionally, I find a few for sale at either the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario or at The Kahnawake Mohawk Reservation south of Montreal. 

The Iroquois False Face Masks are carved from wood. Some artists, like Gene Thomas, use white pine to carve their masks, while others use basswood.  The masks have real horse tail hair and eyes made of tin. 

Smaller than the traditional False Face masks, these Iroquois False Face Guardian Masks are hand-carved from wood with deerhide leather ties for the hair and a loop for hanging at the top. They measure about 8 cm long (3") and are 5 to 6 cm wide (2"-2.5"). They weigh approximately 25 grams. They may or may not come signed by the artist.

Note that our selection keeps changing. The pictures above are for reference only. You will get a similar mask to those above, but if you would like a specific one, please let us know.

Order Code Description  Price
CR-4-08-Gxx Iroquois Corn Husk Masks:Gallery See Gallery below
CR-109-AS Iroquois False Face GUARDIAN Masks:Assorted C$75.00
CR-109-Gxx Iroquois False Face Masks:Gallery See Gallery below

Genus and species of Horse:  Equus caballus. Ranch Raised. 
Genus and species of Deer: Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

Horse and Deer are not subject to CITES.

Native Made in Canada

Gallery of Iroquois Corn Husk Masks

These are in stock and available for sale.

Extra Large Corn Husk Mask

Order Code:  CR-4-08-G1

This is an extremely rare mask that I believe was made by a Seneca man from Akwasasne.  I purchased this mask at the Kahnawake reservation in Quebec from a reputable Mohawk dealer.  There are very few of these jumbo masks made anymore.  This one is hanging on my wall at home.

Size: 28" long, 17" wide (39" x 24" with hair)

Price:  C$8,000.00

Extra Large Corn Husk Mask

Order Code:  CR-4-08-G02

Like many Native American arts and crafts, the traditional corn husk masks are becoming more difficult to obtain with each passing year. Occasionally, I find a few for sale at either the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario or at The Kahnawake Mohawk Reservation south of Montreal. When I do, I buy every one I can get.

These masks have not been blessed or used in religious ceremonies.

Provenance: St. Regis Mohawk Reserve, Cornwall, ON

This mask is 37” long and 28.5” wide.

Price:  C$7,500.00

See a size comparison with a model, the profile view, and close ups of the top, the middle, and the bottom of the mask

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Gallery of Iroquois False Face Masks

These are in stock and available for sale.

False Face Mask

Order Code:  CR-109-Gxx

Price: C$

out of stock indefinitely

Registration of Masks at Six Nations

Many Iroquois False Face Masks are not signed, but have numbers stamped into the side under the hair to confirm that the masks are registered on Six Nations in Ontario, Canada as authentic Iroquois False Face Masks.  As part of the registration process, the Iroquois name of the artist is recorded in a registry, but not the English name.  For example, one artist works under the Iroquois name of Hoda’nyeken which translates into English as "Stick on the Shoulder."  

A Note on Unsigned Masks

As members of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, we support aggressive legislation designed to prohibit non-Native merchandise being sold as though it were Native-made.

In the course of our business, we come across situations where collectors are selling off masks accumulated over many years or individuals who have inherited masks and the original owner has died and is not available for consultation as to the exact circumstances regarding the initial purchase of the mask.  

Unsigned masks are offered only if we have complete confidence as to the authenticity of the mask as a Native-made item based on the reputation of the collector and our expert knowledge of these masks.  We will not offer for sale any masks where we have any doubt whatsoever as to their authenticity.

Concerns Over the Sale of False Face Masks

There is some controversy over the display and sale of Iroquois False Face Masks.  For more information on this, please click HERE