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10-0 Czech Glass Seed Beads

See a size comparison of a 500-gram bag of beads with a soda can

Left to Right: Multi Color, Lemon Yellow and Silver Lined Dark Blue seed beads

All 10/0 glass seed beads listed below are strung on hanks and come in 500-gram bags. These beads measure 2.3 mm or 0.0905" and come in various colors.

Order Code Description Price per 500-g bag
CR-65001000s 10/0 Seedbead:Multi Color C$36.73
CR-65001003 10/0 Seedbead:White C$31.57
CR-65001005 10/0 Seedbead:Turquoise Blue C$31.99
CR-65001007 10/0 Seedbead:Medium Blue C$30.40
CR-65001009 10/0 Seedbead:Black C$29.51
CR-65001023 10/0 Seedbead:Dark Green C$39.13
CR-65001027 10/0 Seedbead:Medium Red C$35.32
CR-65001033 10/0 Seedbead:Lemon Yellow C$35.32
CR-65001041 10/0 Seedbead:Orange C$37.16
CR-65001281 10/0 Seedbead:S/L Crystal C$42.47
CR-65001299 10/0 Seedbead:S/L Dark Blue C$42.47


Information on Strung 10/0 Seed Beads

Beads per Inch  16 beads
Inches per Strand 20.5"
Beads per Strand 328 beads
Strands per Hank 12 strands approx.
Beads per Hank 3936 beads
Hanks per 500g Bag 11-12 hanks approx.
Beads per 500g Bag 47,232 beads approx.



Op. = Opaque Trans. = Translucent or Transparent
S/L = Silver-lined AB = Aurora Borealis
Sq. H. = Square Hole Solgel = These are beads that have undergone a special process which allows them to be dry-cleaned and also makes the color more fade-resistant than regular beads.

Made in the Czech Republic

Color Chart

Multi Color


Turquoise Blue

Medium Blue


Dark Green

Medium Red

Lemon Yellow


S/L Crystal

S/L Dark Blue

General Care

To protect beads, wash your hands frequently with a neutral PH soap and/or keep your hands well dusted with talc.  Handle the beads as little as possible. 3 or 4 coats of an artists' fixative will prolong their life.  Red, pink and purple metallic colors may fade with extended exposure to sunlight.

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