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Buffalo Hides

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These are good quality U.S. or Canadian buffalo skins that have been tanned in either Canada, the U.S., or Peru--as stated on each individual hide.  The hides are soft and supple.  We have winter hides and summer hides.  Winter hides have nicer and longer hair than summer hides.  The hides that are tanned in the U.S. are nice and soft with a cream or tan backing.  Hides from Peru are typically chrome-tanned and tend to have a stiffer feel and a gold color backing.  

Our Gxx codes denote individual pieces. If you would like to order a specific one, please go to our Gallery to pick the exact one shown.

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CR-149-1-Gxx Buffalo Hide:#1 Quality:Gallery See gallery items on

Genus and species: Bison bison.  Ranch.

These buffalo come from ranching operations and are not endangered.  The buffalo hides we sell are a by-product of the food industry.  The animals are not killed just for their hides.


There are still some wild buffalo running around in northern Canada that are heavily protected.  None of the buffalo we sell come from wild herds.  

Buffalo are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Canada or the USA; Tanned in Canada, Peru, or the USA

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