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Besides the testimonials of customer satisfaction on individual product pages, here are some nice compliments we have received from our satisfied customers that are not product-specific.

Susan from Michigan writes: I got the shipment and it all looks great. Please tell who ever packed this order that they did a wonderful job. Even the little bone carvings were boxed.  Thanks for the quick turn around.

Jim from Oklahoma said that we have one of the nicest catalogs he’s seen. Instead of pulling out a book or magazine, he goes through our catalog and has probably been through it 20 times and each time, he notices something else he could use.  He has compared our Prices with his other suppliers and we are definitely comparable.

Lynn from Ohio writes: Thanks for taking care of business. I have found a new supplier. You.  I received my order and am very pleased.   Thanks, will order again soon. 

Lindsey from Michigan writes: I just wanted to say that this is the second time I have ordered from you and to let you know that I order many items for my business on line... may I say that you rate right up there with the best of the best places I have purchased from ... no messing around I write you send a bill and with in days I receive...I run my business this way too and have found very few other companies who do as good as the way the fur is AWESOME...I ordered, paid, and received my fur all in about 3-4 days...I could not be happier...many thank you's   

And finally, here are some compliments about our star sales rep, Mike:

Linda from Illinois writes: Mike, You are so organized, how do you do it?  Do you have any relatives in this area?  I could use somebody as detail oriented as you.

Deb from Wisconsin writes: Thanks Mike.  You definitely are the best sales rep I have.  

Fred from New York writes: Hi Mike, Thank you for your email and your great customer service and support throughout this year.  It's always a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to our ongoing relationship. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!